Top 10 Ultimate American Comfort Foods

Top 10 Ultimate American Comfort Foods

Holidays are just around the corner, and everyone is knee-deep in preparation and excitement for the celebrations; and what better to bring everyone together in the festivities than food. Food has always played an important part in all celebrations, from birthdays to weddings, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 

With the cultural influences and different takes on dishes by every state of America, you can find the ultimate version of your favorite dish anywhere you go. Safe to say, no get-together is complete without a table full of food. Hence, we have compiled a list of the top 10 ultimate American comfort foods you may want to have this holiday season to serve your loved ones and enjoy the winter days until New Year’s. 

Have a look!

  • Bacon & Eggs

The staple menu item that you will find at every breakfast and lunch diner has to be bacon and eggs. The savory, crispy bacon fried rich in fat paired with warm, runny eggs make for the ultimate comfort food that is hard to beat whether it is an early breakfast, brunch, or an afternoon lunch diner plan, bacon & eggs!

  • Fried Chicken

Southern fried chicken has taken the world by storm. Whether it is a chicken fillet, tenders, legs, or thighs, the flaky, crispy batter covering a juicy, tender chicken fried in hot oil has to make for the comfort food of dreams. You’ll find it in every lunch diner or even a midnight snack place to fulfill your round-the-clock cravings.

  • Mac & Cheese

Whether you like it as a side to your main dish or make a premium version with three cheeses, you can never go wrong with mac and cheese. It is perfect for everyone because it is soft, and who doesn’t love creamy, melty cheese mixed with pasta? It compliments every type of meat from turkey to chicken and beef – mac and cheese is the epitome of comfort food versatility.

  • Cheese Burgers

If there is one thing that the whole world associates with the USA are cheeseburgers. A tender burger patty topped with cheese, lettuce, onion, and a sauce that everyone holds a secret family recipe to, and you have yourself a cheeseburger. Easily available at casual lunch diners, fancy dinner places, and even street-side food trucks, cheeseburgers are the American dream food.

  • Fish & Chips

The television comfort food that you sit and eat while your favorite sitcom plays on the set is fish and chips. Something about a serving of crispy battered yet juicy and tender fish with irresistible chips makes for the perfect comfort food on a cold winter afternoon. The best part is that even if you don’t feel like cooking, a local lunch diner would be happy to serve you.

  • Chili Bowl

Hailing from our southern brothers, a bowl of chili can spice up a boring day and leave you feeling full for the rest of the evening. Whether you have your Grandma’s recipe or a lunch diner serving your favorite version, you can never go wrong with a serving of chili for ultimate comfort food cravings. Enjoy it with guac, chips, tortillas, or by itself – chili is for chilly days!

  • Hot Dogs

Are you mustard or a ketchup person? Or the third kind who likes both? No matter which condiment you follow up with, one thing is for sure that hot dogs make everyone’s heart and stomach happy. Whether it is a street style $1 hot dog or a serving of 10 at a lunch diner, hot dogs make for game days, holiday celebrations, and even party snacks.

  • Burritos

From breakfast burritos to rice bowl wraps, burritos are the ultimate comfort food because each bite is an ultimate bite offering everything inside. The best part is that there is no right or wrong way of doing a burrito.  You can add leftovers, BBQ meat, veggies, and even ramen to your wrap, and it would taste like an all-rounder hug as you devour it.

  • Pizza

We all have seen the scene in Home Alone where Kevin orders “a lovely cheese pizza just for me” and asks the delivery guy to “keep the change, you filthy animal.” This cult classic movie and this scene are iconic for Christmas because don’t we all want a lovely cheese pizza for ourselves? Pizza is comfort food for mellow days to celebratory days alike because it is good.

  • Tacos

Seafood tacos with hot sauce are the fancy comfort food you will get in your casual lunch diner and on a restaurant chain drive-through. Enjoy it with friends or family as appetizers to follow up with the main course, or make it a taco party where everyone brings their favorite tacos; you are going to be feeling full and satisfied after!

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