The Best Catering in Plantation, FL!

The Best Catering in Plantation, FL!

If you love gatherings with family and friends, any day is good to celebrate. Are you struggling to find the best catering in Plantation, FL? While Plantation isn’t short of options for catering, you want your celebrations and parties to go off without a hitch, and for that, it’s necessary to have catering that offers delicious options and provides efficient services for your parties and business events. If you’ve been hesitating about hosting certain events, because you don’t know where to find the right catering services, don’t put off having memorable, great events anymore. Now, with Plantation Diner, you’ll finally be able to take advantage of wonderful catering in Plantation, FL.  

Have the Best Morning Meetings and Brunches with Catering in Plantation, FL  

Nobody takes on the responsibility of planning a meeting or family brunch if they don’t know that everyone is going to enjoy it and that it will go as planned. Perhaps, the catering options available offer way too many formal options and you want something more informal for your event. 

At Plantation Diner, we have great, mouth-watering options available for you to choose from. whether it be fruit platters and country breakfast dishes or custom sandwiches and wrap platters, we’ve got you covered. If you’re worried about the high cost, don’t fret. Our catering options aren’t only yummy but they’re also affordable and will leave everyone satisfied and wanting to come back to your meetings.  

What Dishes Does Your Catering in Plantation, FL Offer?  

You’ll be happy to know that at Plantation Diner, our catering services are available to the masses, every day of the week. We are open from Monday-Saturday starting 6:00 am to 3:00 pm. And on Sundays, we’re open from 6:30 pm to 2:00 pm. Here are some of the savory options you can expect to devour when ordering catering from us:   

Morning Scrambles* $6.99 per person: fluffy scrambled eggs, seasoned home fries, choice of ham, bacon or sausage, choice of bagels or biscuits, cream cheese, butter & jelly.   

Pancake Breakfast* $7.49 per person: steaming hot pancakes, fluffy scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage, maple syrup, and butter. Much more.  

Stop by Plantation Diner, and order delectable catering in Plantation, FL today. You can call us at (954) 791-2985 to place your order, as well. We hope you enjoy eating it, as much as we enjoy making it!