Popular Egg Specialties at a Diner

Popular Egg Specialties at a Diner

Eggs have been a preferred breakfast food since man realized the value of cooked food. One of the simplest, purest food sources available since ancient times, they have been an important go-to meal for princes and paupers. How did this little gem get discovered, and how did it morph into the marvelous menagerie of breakfast wonders we now know and love? Let’s take a look at how the egg became one of the greatest foods of all time, as well as how to best enjoy it at our top-notch establishment where breakfast is the best-fest.

History of the Breakfast Egg

The term “breakfast” did not take on popularity until the 15th century, when eating a morning meal to break the “fast” from the night before became commonplace. Ancient Egyptians crafted a soup from eggs, bread, and beer before heading out to work in the fields. Greeks enjoyed barley bread, wine, eggs, and olives as their morning feast. Ancient Romans recreated leftovers from the night before, taking cold meat, cheese, nuts, raisins, and figs for a morning meal. The common denominator in all these meals is the egg, and its place in history was soon to be cemented as one of the most popular breakfast foods across time, history, and culture.

Best Diner Egg Dishes On the Planet

The next time a hankering for a good egg hits you, try some of the best egg dishes on the planet, courtesy of the Plantation Diner. Once you sink your teeth into the golden goodness these breakfasts can provide, you’re not likely to stray from our premiere establishment again. Here are a few of our favorites.

3-Egg Omelettes

Nothing says love like the warm blanket of a golden, buttery omelet, complete with all the fixings. Choose from a light veggie with herbed cheese swimming amongst grilled mushrooms, onion, and spinach. If you favor meatier fare, consider the gyro for a unique twist on the omelet, complete with tomato, red onion, gyro meat, and feta cheese.

Two Eggs Any Style

Devoted egg lovers can be purists; we enjoy the two eggs any style entree because each order is cooked to your exact specifications. Poached, hard-boiled, steamed, scrambled, or fried, we’ll realize your yolky dreams and make a simple dish elegant and decadent all at the same time. Throw our chef a loop and ask for grilled onions and cheese on the side; you won’t be sorry.

Fried Egg Sandwich

Nothing says diner breakfast egg specialties like the fried egg sandwich. Crusty, flavorful bread combines symbiotically with greasy, fried egg goodness to create not just full bellies, but breakfast memories. Customize your sandwich with fried onion, mushroom, a variety of cheeses, and even tomato for a one-of-a-kind meal that will have you singing well into lunchtime.

Eggs Neptune

One of our most unique breakfast egg specialties, Eggs Neptune is a delightful mashup of land and sea. A toasted English muffin adorned with crab, poached eggs, and Hollandaise is equal parts elegant and delicious. This coastal variation of eggs Benedict is served up on weekends at the Plantation, a truly unique twist on a classic egg favorite.

Plantation Diner: Come and Eat!

Plantation Diner is an American egg specialty restaurant in Plantation, FL, serving up amazing breakfast, brunch, and lunch for over twenty years. Decadent dishes, stellar customer service, and a beautiful atmosphere make each meal a moment and a memory to be enjoyed with family and friends. What are you craving? We make food dreams a reality at the Plantation Diner; come and grab your table today!