How to Know How Much Food to Plan for Your Catered Event?

How to Know How Much Food to Plan for Your Catered Event?

Let’s be serious. When it comes to a special event, the food should be spectacular because people will remember it. Catered food can deliver the advantage for several reasons, and choosing a reputable winner such as the Plantation Diner in Florida can make all the difference. The big question looming is: How much food is needed for a catered event?


There Are 3 Simple Steps to Start


First, look at your guest list and how many people will be in attendance. You need a headcount, and it will also depend on whether this key event features a buffet-style versus a sit-down meal.


Second, when it’s a buffet, folks serve themselves. So, you will want to have more food on hand for the event. At a sit-down-style event, you will need one meal per person or one portion of food. Also, you will be serving more than just appetizers. There will be several courses of pre-planned food.


Third, if your event is scheduled during mealtime hours, your guests should expect to dine on a full meal’s worth.


Expert Caterers Equal Expert Planners


Our food catering in Plantation takes care of all the heavy lifting so that you and your guests can relax and enjoy the moment. We can tailor a menu around your party no matter what size it is, what food theme is requested, and how special meal for guests who have food restrictions or allergies need to be. Here in Florida, we are some of the best cooks around, eager to create a memorable catered event for you.


Our team can advise you on purchasing backup portions if you fear your party may run out of food and drinks at some point. When you need a food diner in Plantation, turn to our team. We can offer your menu extra sides or salad and bread to act as excellent fillers during the meal.


Homestyle Cooking Is What People Want


The catering menu is a big deal, and our team knows how to create an unforgettable meal, whether it’s for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner.


Imagine the most delicious deli platters across the Sunshine State featuring oven-roasted turkey off the bone, eye of round roast beef, National Deli pastrami, corned beef, and a lot more. Or how about tasty club sandwiches, elegant fruit platters, bagels, muffins, coffee cake, and Danish from your favorite food diner in Plantation?


There’s a reason that the Plantation Diner stands out high above the rest. Our team takes pride in making incredible food from scratch, using local, fresh ingredients. The difference is in the taste, and nothing beats home-style cooking from a great food diner in Plantation.


Book Your Sumptuous Catered Event Now


The Plantation Diner is ready to help make your special event a most memorable one, right down to the fab food and drinks. It’s all about family-owned food catering in Plantation, FL.


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