Delivering Your Favorite American Brunch & Breakfast Classics During COVID-19

Delivering Your Favorite American Brunch & Breakfast Classics During COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused a very hectic and uncertain time currently. Unfortunately, Plantation Diner currently cannot host guests to enjoy the atmosphere and sense of community that we have provided since 1989 until after we have received the okay from our local government. We understand how difficult of a time it is, but just know that all of us at Plantation Diner are doing everything in our power to still deliver the lovable, classic food that you know and love. For post-COVID-19 events, please consider hiring us for your catering services and help contribute to supporting local businesses!



There are few things better than a perfect breakfast, and with delivery from Plantation Diner, you can get that every day! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is why at Plantation Diner, we believe in quality food and large portions. Without being able to leave your home, why not stay in and enjoy an extra-long breakfast with the family? With Plantation Diner, you get the most bang for your buck. We have the most breakfast options in the south Fort Lauderdale area, meaning you can enjoy your favorite comfort food and try a new one too. If you’re looking for the best-tasting breakfast in the Fort Lauderdale area, then you’ll be glad to know your search ends here!



Not only are we delivering the most delicious breakfast in Plantation, but we also are delivering the best lunches you’ve ever tasted! Plantation Diner offers your favorite American classics for lunch! Call in today and enjoy a burger, hotdog, or a wrap in the comfort of your own home! All of the food at Plantation Diner is fresh and made to order, so you know everything you’re eating was made specifically for you. Our lunch menu is almost as long as our breakfast menu, so there are tons of dishes to try at Plantation Diner. We look forward to delivering your next meal!



Once we can begin enjoying large events and parties again, we hope that you’ll consider Plantation Diner for your next caterer. As the host of a party or scheduling a lunch meeting for your team, you want to have the best food available, that’s why you choose the Plantation Diner for all your catering needs. We have built a reputation in Florida for having one of the largest breakfasts and lunch menus in the state, but you can now enjoy our food at the destination and event of your choice! From the best breakfast sandwiches to fruits platters to custom sandwiches and wrap platters, Plantation Diner has the dishes to make your next event or social gathering a smash hit! In addition to our exceptional quality food, we provide you with courteous and fast service and convenient hours. Call Plantation Diner after quarantine to schedule our catering services for your next group event or family get-together. If you’re still in the market for a caterer for your next event, don’t think twice, think Plantation Diner!

The Plantation Diner is a local staple tucked away in a subsect of Fort Lauderdale. We offer delivery of the best breakfast and lunch in Plantation to make your quarantine that much better. At Plantation Diner, comfort food is taken to the max. Only at Plantation Diner is where you’ll find affordable prices, big portions, and huge flavors to be as common as the fast, friendly service from the expert wait staff! Call Plantation Diner today at (954) 791-2985 to order your next meal and enjoy the simpler things in life. After quarantine, please visit our 50’s style American diner, conveniently located at 6903 W. Broward Blvd.