5 Egg Specialties You Need To Try at Plantation Diner

5 Egg Specialties You Need To Try at Plantation Diner

Eggs are a great protein source and taste delicious. Making the perfect eggs at home looks easy but is anything but easy. It seems like every chef in the world has tricks and techniques they use to cook eggs. You can try all those tips and still wind up with eggs that are dry and flavorless rather than fluffy and yummy. If you’re in the Plantation, FL area and looking for a place to eat, try one of the egg specialties Plantation Diner offers.

Country Fried Steak With Two Eggs

Country fried steak is a classic southern dish. The chef breads a piece of steak with a special seasoning mixture and fries it until it’s light and golden brown while also cooked through. When you order these egg dishes Plantation Diner chefs will cook the steak when you order it to ensure it comes out perfectly. You also get two eggs cooked any way you want them. Many diners go with over easy or sunny side-up eggs.

Two Eggs Any Style

You don’t need to spend a lot of time looking at breakfast egg dishes when you go with two eggs served in any style you want. When you order sunny side-up eggs, the chef will cook the white through without flipping the eggs. You get a runny yolk that is perfect for eating with a piece of toast. While over-easy eggs are also runny, the cook will flip them during the cooking process. You can also choose medium or over hard eggs where the yolks are cooked longer as well as scrambled eggs.

NY Strip Steak with Eggs

Who says steak is just a dinner food? At the Plantation Diner, you can get steak any time you want it. This is one of the more popular breakfast egg dishes for diners who want to start their day off on the right foot. You get all the protein needed to get through the day. Not only can you order the steak to the temperature you want, but you can also order the eggs in any style.

Diced Ham and Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are one of those dishes that transport you back to your childhood. All it takes is one taste for you to remember all the happy breakfasts you had with your family and friends. Plantation Diner offers a twist on this classic dish with the addition of diced ham. You get the light and fluffy texture of the eggs with the chewy and salty flavor of ham in every bite.

Corned Beef Hash and Eggs

The egg dishes Plantation Diner offers also include corned beef hash and eggs. If you only ever had corned beef hash from a can, you’ll love this unique take on that dish. You get a big plate full of hash with eggs placed right on top. Diners often go with runny eggs because they like how the eggs burst and cover every bite with yellow deliciousness.

Try Plantation Diner

Thanks to all the egg specialties Plantation Diner has, there’s no time like the present to stop by. Come in for breakfast to see why diners in the area pick Plantation Diner as one of the best breakfast joints in the region. Contact Plantation Diner for hours of operation and directions.